Dedicated to the conservation and protection of your assets



Candor Consulting Group strives to live by its name’s meaning.

Candor means unreserved honesty, sincere expression, forthrightness and a freedom from prejudice or malice.

We believe everyone deserves the honest truth about what products they need to help them build a better life and secure their assets so they can pay attention to those in their lives that mean the most to them.



Our goals are our core values. We believe whole heartily in them and will always strive to reach and exceed our goals not just for ourselves but for our clients as well.


We lead by example.   We are built on truthfulness and trust and we are honest in what we do and say. We keep our promises and meet our commitments and take tremendous pride in what we do and a job well done.  We live up to the trust others put in us.


We value unique skills and abilities.  We value contributions and accomplishments.  We listen to ideas and honor diverse opinions.


We depend on each other for our success.  Our attitudes are positive, our communications are open and direct, and our actions consider the needs of others.  We use our differences to explore new ideas, increase our understanding and win together by combining our strengths


We are personally responsible for doing our job to the best of our ability.  We act with initiative, learn from our experiences, share our knowledge and strive to continuously improve our performance.  We are dependable and can be counted on to deliver results in every instance. 


“The world is a better place when we take care of one another.”

Philip Baca |  Principal



Candor Consulting Group was created to help people understand their auto insurance, home insurance, life insurance and to help them pick the right options for them. We saw a need that needed to be filled. We saw many many people that do not understand how they are covered under their insurance policies, to what extent they are covered and how that could affect their lives and livelihood. We exist solely to provide the best service possible to the best clients out there.

Candor Consulting Group also has a branch that offers executive recruiting opportunities for companies who need a dedicated touch when finding the right employees for their company. We have worked with many accounting and construction firms through Colorado to find them the ideal candidates.