“People who live in glass houses should take out insurance.”

Unknown Author


 How We Work Within Our Community

Hispanic chamber of commerce

With a family history that comes from Mexico and Spain, our principal Philip Baca believes in supporting hispanic businesses and culture. Denver has a vast hispanic community and that community has built many businesses. The aforementioned businesses have become very influential and imperative to our everyday lives, we at Candor are happy to be apart of the Denver Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and to support its efforts to promote our culture.


National Association of Professional Agents 

We believe in insurance, we take insurance very seriously and practice what we preach. As professional insurance agents we ourselves carry Errors and Omissions Insurance to protect ourselves as well as our customers.


“Fun is like life insurance;
the older you get,
the more it costs.”

Frank McKinney Hubbard


2018 - Present

Shield 616

Coming from a background in law enforcement, we believe in supporting our men and women in uniform. Shield 616 is an organization that supports them and we support Shield 616.

SHIELD616 was mindful of limited department budgets. Not only will all of the gear be donated; it will be replaced every five years at no cost to any first responder or department.

Have you ever wondered how you could support your local first responders?  Have you ever desired to form personal relationships with your local first responders? Imagined a community where local citizens had the opportunity to not only provide much needed equipment to individual first responders but also had the opportunity to form a personal relationship with them?


2017 - Present

Bloodhound Man-Trackers Non-profit

We believe in giving back to the community, this is one cause we believe in. Bloodhound Man-trackers is a non-profit organization that has highly trained K-9 handlers with their highly trained bloodhounds, These teams can be utilized by law enforcement agencies for man tracking, human decomposition work, they also help find lost and missing peoples. The thrive solely off of donations, volunteer hours from their handlers, K-9’s and from other volunteers.

Candor is proud to volunteer time and money toward such a good cause. Each year we are able to volunteer more time and money to such a good cause.

If you would like more information on them or are interested in donating time or money please feel free to look up their website.


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