Q. Does it cost me anything to use Candor to find me insurance?

A. No, we do not charge an extra fee to find the your the insurance you want.


Q. Why should I use Candor to find me insurance and not one of the big insurance companies?

A. Since we are an independent insurance producer we check with multiple insurance carriers, including the big companies, to find you the best rate and insurance coverage.

q. Why should I use an insurance Agent and not just buy it from an online company?

A. When you have a claim or a serious life event would you rather speak with someone you already know or would rather speak with a call center? We offer personalized service and can be called upon outside of normal business hours.

Q. My insurance premium went up, how come?

A. If you did not have an insurance claim it was probably because your area has been affected by a plethora of insurance claims related to but not limited to acts of nature. The insurance company can slightly raise the rates of its policyholders to cover the loses. Just remember that your rate may have gone up slightly but you still have the same coverages and in the event of claim against another your premium includes the full legal team of your insurance company and they are behind you.

If you are still concerned we can shop other companies for you to look for a lower premium.


Q. What happens when I loan my car to someone? Is that person covered by my policy? Am I still covered? 

A. Yes. Liability and coverage for Physical Damage (i.e. Comprehensive and Collision) always follow your car. Plus, if the driver of your car is insured, his/her policy will also be available to cover the cost of damages and injuries.

The same rules apply when you borrow someone else's vehicle; your own insurance follows you no matter whose car you're driving. But the vehicle owner's policy is the key coverage in the event of an accident.

Q. How expensive is renters insurance? 

A. Renters insurance is typically available for as little as $100 a year.

Q. Does my landlord's insurance protect me?

A. Generally, no. The property owner's insurance covers the building itself and seldom a tenant's possessions or liability. Clarify this with your landlord before signing a lease.

These certainly aren’t all the questions you may have, please contact us to have any of your questions answered.