Easy, Step by Step Life Insurance Quotes

With access to over 56 life insurance companies, Candor Consulting will help you find the right life insurance package for you and your family. Click the links below to our easy, step by step quoting platform. The platform will walk you through the application to get you everything you need to have a secure peace of mind with life insurance.

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Term and Whole Life INsurance

The policy is temporary. Term insurance is designed to last for a specific amount of time (term). After the term period is over, many policies are guaranteed to renew on an annual basis at a higher premium, and may become unaffordable.

Higher initial premiums.  It's a fact, whole life insurance has a higher initial premium than an equal amount of term insurance, but don't confuse cost with value. The benefits of lifetime coverage, and over time, the guaranteed cash value, and the eligibility to earn dividends makes whole life a good choice for building an additional asset class, and for providing for lifetime needs.

Good financial decision-making is based on solid research and sound advice. If you're considering term life insurance vs. whole life insurance, be sure to discuss your options with a Candor Consulting agent and consult your tax and legal advisor regarding your situation.


Accidental Death

Accidental death insurance is designed to help provide financial support for your loved ones if you die in a covered accident.

It is affordable coverage, with an easy application process. Coverage is guaranteed so you cannot be turned down as long as you qualify based on your current age.

Accidental death insurance covers death sustained from any covered injury work-related or non-work related.

This coverage can pay up to $1,000,000 if death results from a covered accident while riding as a fare-paying passenger on a common carrier such as a boat, bus or airplane.

The Auto Pedestrian benefit can pay up to $300,000 if the insured is killed while driving or riding in a private automobile or if struck by an automobile on a public street or highway.


Protection Indexed Universal Life Insurance

Universal life insurance (UL) comes in a lot of different flavors, from fixed-rate models to variable ones, where you select various equity accounts to invest in. Indexed universal life (IUL) allows the owner to allocate cash value amounts to either a fixed account or an equity index account. Policies offer a variety of well-known indexes such as the S&P 500 or the Nasdaq 100. IUL policies are more volatile than fixed ULs, but less risky than variable universal life policies because no money is actually invested in equity positions.

IUL policies offer tax-deferred cash accumulation for retirement while maintaining a death benefit. People who need permanent life insurance protection but wish to take advantage of possible cash accumulation via an equity index might use IULs as key person insurance for business owners, premium financing plans or estate-planning vehicles. IULs are considered advanced life insurance products in that they can be difficult to adequately explain and understand.